Our Technology

Our precision manufactured blocks are preferred over conventional blocks due to their ease and speed of installation, and reduced reliance on skilled trades. The blocks are designed to stack together in an interlocking fashion without the use of mortar creating a “stay in place concrete forming system”. 

Dry Stacking - Method 1

Drystack construction is the stacking of blocks or masonry units without the use of mortar.  One of main purposes of mortar is to allow for size discrepancies between blocks.  Our precision blocks are manufactured with such tight tolerances, that they are ideal to be used in a mortarless application (drystack).

The process involves careful installation of the first course of blocks to ensure that the first course is level.  Once that course is laid and secure with grout, additional courses can be laid extremely efficiently and quickly.  Our patent pending block design allows for both horizontal and vertical rebar for reinforcement according to engineering specifications.  Once the wall is built, high strength grout then is poured into the grout channels from the top course.  The block design allows very efficient filling of the core, resulting in a solid concrete wall, that is immediately load bearing. 

Method 2

A secondary method specified by the building code permits parging both sides of the block wall, in lieu of grouting the cores.  This allows a tremendous opportunity to the grout the block solid using cellular concrete (essentially a Portland cement slurry combined with foam made of stable microscopic bubbles which are mixed in to become covered with a fine film of cement) yielding R values as high as 3.9 R per inch thickness, so that a 12" block wall would have an  R40 insulation value. This offers the strength and durability of a concrete wall, with the insulation properties of a six-inch fiberglass insulated wall.  This can be especially important for agricultural barns and other types of structures to reduce energy costs.

Additional Perks

As an independent custom block manufacturer, we can incorporate specialty features into our block for special use cases.  Examples include:

  • the addition of anti-microbial and biosecurity properties to greatly reduce biofilm formation and reducing the damage caused by microbial action in high acid or alkaline environments (especially H2S in manure pits). 
  • Concrete additives that improve Hydrostatic resistance by up to 50 times of traditional concrete while at the same time reducing the permeability to virtually zero
  • "Self healing" characteristics where ABC walls can heal micro-fractures up to 0.4 mm for added wall integrity.
  • the system allows for the use of cellular concrete as grout to allow for wall to be insulated at a rate of 3.9 R per inch on site in a more environmentally friendly fashion.

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