About Advanced Block Corp

Advanced Block Corporation manufactures a patent pending concrete block design and building system that is used by it's construction division (Advanced Block Construction). It features mortar-less interlocking dry-stack concrete blocks resulting in very fast, very economical, and very strong concrete walls, and providing a clean, green, stay-in-place reinforced concrete forming system.

ABC can produce affordable housing with reduced reliance on skilled trades. This
would allow many more homeowners the opportunity to own their own homes affordably than
would otherwise be possible. Additionally, this would make possible greener home construction
by using locally available materials (sand and gravel) to locally manufacture home building

Advanced Block Corporation is in the process of setting up our first manufacturing facility
dedicated to produce the patent pending design. We are also currently developing systems
configurations, plant operator and certified installer training programs, and business operations
management systems for distributed small scale manufacturing opportunities across Ontario,
Canada and across North America.

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